Create an account as Security Researcher

Congratulations on deciding to use Secuna as your platform in submitting potential security vulnerabilities!

Below are the steps to create an account as Security Researcher.

  • Go to and click the Sign up button. You should see the same page shown in the picture below.

  • Click Security Researcher - the sign up as security researcher page displays.

  • Enter the required details in the corresponding fields, then click the Sign Up button.

  • Go to the Inbox of your email account and find an email with the subject [Secuna] Confirm your Email Address, then click Confirm Email Address. Your browser will automatically redirect you back to Secuna with a success message Email Verified!

  • Click the Continue to sign in button to display the login form.

  • Enter the registered email address and password in the corresponding fields. The Let's set-up your Two-Factor Authentication page displays.

  • Download an Authenticator application if not yet installed in your smart phone; otherwise, click the Continue button. The page with QR code displays.

  • Access the Authenticator in the mobile phone where the application is installed then scan the QR code. Enter the current 6-digit authenticator code in the corresponding field, then click the Continue button.

  • Save the displayed recovery code in your hidden notes or copy-paste to a notepad and tick the checkbox, then click the Continue button. The Welcome to Secuna! page displays.

  • Click the Start Account Verification button to proceed.

  • Provide the necessary personal details then click the Continue button to proceed.

  • Provide your address details then click the Continue to proceed.

  • Upload the back and front of your valid ID, and upload a selfied with the ID. Once done, click the Continue button to proceed.

  • Last step is to schedule a date for your virtual interview with Secuna. Once done, click the Submit for verification button. A page with message Account Verification In Progress displays.

Once Secuna verifies your account, you may now login to access your account and start helping programs.

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