Awarding bounties on bug reports

Once you have acknowledged the report as a valid finding, you can now award it a bug bounty. Other programs wait until the bug report is resolved but most of the programs prefer to award a bug bounty once the finding has been confirmed as valid.

To award a bounty, kindly follow the guide below:

  • Go to submissions page and find a bug report.

  • Then select the "Change status" tab and pick the Accepted status. (Please note that changing the status to Accepted is required to award a bounty to a bug report)

  • Press the Change status button to display the message and to show the Set award tab.

  • Next step is to select the "Set award" tab above the comment box and choose an action on the left side.

  • Press the Set award button to award the bounty to researcher.

For technical questions, kindly reach out to or Secuna Technical Program Manager.

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