Can the researchers access private program?

No. The program must manually invite the security researcher if they want the researcher to participate in it their program.

How do I rename my security program?

The program rename feature is already on our pipeline, but for now, kindly send us an email at, and we'll help you out.

How much is the payment processing fee?

We charge bug bounty programs a 20% fee per transaction (awarded security vulnerability) to help cover payment processing (PayPal), tax administration, and platform maintenance.

What happens when my bug bounty pool is running low?

Every programs running a Secuna Managed service has a designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and they will work with you to evaluate and adjust bug bounty pool as needed.

Can I get a sample VAPT report for Secuna Pentest?

Yes, drop an email to then we will provide you a sample VAPT report.

For Secuna Pentest, What kind of deliverables can I expect from Secuna?

In Secuna Pentest service, you will receive a detailed Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) report which includes detailed content for each discovered security vulnerabilities with Proof of Concept (PoC) and steps to reproduce. The report also comes with Executive Summary and Recommendations perfect for sharing with stakeholders.

After the service, we will also issue a Certificate of Cybersecurity Assessment powered by

For Community-Powered VAPT, How is Secuna different from traditional VAPT models?

There are three main characteristics that set us apart from Traditional VAPT models:

  1. We source our penetration testers from a large global talent pool of vetted cybersecurity professionals, which means we can be agile without compromising quality or increasing price;

  2. We deliver all the reporting and communication through a modern online platform, making it easier for you to collaborate continuously with the penetration testers and integrate seamlessly with your SDLC.; and

  3. We provide a max of 10 penetration testers to assess the security of your assets rather than the traditional 2-3 penetration testers. Because we believe in the following: - More eyes, More results - More testers, More skills and experiences - Much more faster because of the number of testers

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